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Art &
Life Planning

From dance classes & shows to short and feature length film projects, the arts has it's home with us.  However, arts would not be satisfying to the artist without a plan. From 3-adult, we believe in making well rounded artists who are capable of thriving through life's ups and downs.


Although significant arts programming has been stalled due to COVID-19 our Life Planning centered Girl Scouts program is flourishing! Click to Learn more

Working from Home
Art & Life Plannig
Window Shopping
Window Shopping

Afflatus Gift Shop

Shop our amazing self-care focused products to ensure life is supplemented with eco friendly, health conscious and positivity in mind. With inspiring gifts for inspiring moments, shop Afflatus to build the arts and build your well being!

Gift Shop

Toogie's Spot Café

A mobile cafe, shop our bite size treats and get them right to your doorstep. Our unstoppable Toogie Tea & Peach Cobbler is sure to be a delectable treat for your next event or special occasion! 

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Life Plannng
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